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K2 Gets into the Flow at Trois-Rivières Venue


K2 Gets into the Flow at Trois-Rivières Venue

Cogeco Amphitheatre’s new L-Acoustics house system, provided by Solotech, delivers excellent SPL and coverage while minimizing noise pollution across the river

TROIS-RIVIERES, Québec, Canada - September 2016 -- Last summer, when the C$50M new Cogeco Amphitheatre in Trois-Rivières, Quebec experienced issues with a fixed sound system that turned out to be less than ideal, the venue had to find a temporary PA to handle the wide range of performances and concerts that it now regularly hosts. Often filling its 3,500 seats and adding up to 5,500 more people who settle in on its grassy esplanade, the venue needed a rider-friendly PA capable of covering 9,000 spectators in those split areas across over 150,000 square feet.

When the initial system was officially deemed unable to adequately perform, the venue’s production team and management called upon AV systems provider Solotech to design a new permanent solution. “The primary challenge was to cover all of the seating areas evenly, while not sending too much sound over the river,” explains Solotech Québec Project Manager Pierre-Paul Gignac.

Using L-Acoustics’ Soundvision 3D acoustical modeling software to visually predict the SPL and dispersion characteristics of a variety of systems, Solotech’s final design recommendation came in the form of an L-Acoustics touring system that would easily satisfy the technical rider requirements for major artists performing at Cogeco Amphitheatre. Installed in June, the new system comprises two main hangs of 13 K2 modules and four K1-SB flyable high power subwoofers per side, plus an additional eight SB28 groundstacked subwoofers, five Kiva as front fills and six Kara delays per side, all powered using 16 LA8 and one LA4X amplified controllers, and calibrated by André Pichette, L-Acoustics Head of Applications, Install.

“The K2 allows a uniform coverage and, more importantly, incredible frequency response, even at 200 feet,” shares Gignac. “At Trois-Rivières it provided better coverage, better control of bass, and also a better projection distance at a higher power.”

The new L-Acoustics system is already being heralded as a success—Cirque du Soleil returned to Trois-Rivières for a successful summer series of performances at the venue, with Celine Dion also using the system for two sold-out performances there in late August.

Alain Larochelle, GM of Solotech Québec, points out that the quality of the new system was immediately apparent to all. “In comparison to the initial design, this L-Acoustics K2 system gives Cogeco Amphitheatre more power while still keeping uniform, clear sound across the entire audience area. Even at the highest output, the system is controlled, with high-resolution bass frequencies and precise directivity. The client’s technical director, Daniel Savoie, was really surprised that even at the very back of the lawn seating area we could still clearly hear the presence of the subs. Both the amphitheatre’s management and its patrons are very happy with how this has turned out.”

For more info on Cogeco Amphitheatre, visit www.amphitheatrecogeco.com/en. Solotech can likewise be found online at www.solotech.com.

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