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Sonoruss presented a new line array L-Acoustics K3 in Moscow

L-Acoustics & Sonoruss K3 at Integrated Systems Russia Show The Russian premiere of the l-Acoustics K3 line array was held in Moscow as part of the Integrated Systems Russia Show. We chose a large conference hall at Crocus Expo to demonstrate the new K3 system. Following sanitary and epidemiological requirements, we were able to safely conduct three demonstration sessions for 300 people.

The new system was presented by Liliya Gainoutdinova, L-Acoustics Product Manager at Sonoruss: K3 is the most compact system among the full-range L-Acoustics systems. Compared to the K2 system, the new system is 33% smaller and 25% lighter. Moreover, only two LA12X or LA4X channels are required to power the two-way K3 system. Thus, only one LA-RAK II AVB touring rack, onboarding three LA12X amplifiers, is required to power 18 K3 cabinets.

The K3 system is equipped with Panflex technology, which makes it possible to change mechanically the horizontal dispersion. Panflex is based on user-adjustable L-Fins and digital signal processing algorithms, granting control in the frequency range down to 350 Hz. Panflex operates in four different positions: 70° or 110°(symmetrical) and 90° on either side (asymmetrical). Thanks to Panflex and the inter-element angles from 0° to 10°, the K3 system will work perfectly in halls with complex architecture, providing high sound quality with minimal distortion.

L-Acoustics & Sonoruss K3 at Integrated Systems Russia Show Like the K2 system, the K3 is also equipped with a convenient four-point suspension system with large transport handles and a visual control system for mounting safety. A first, l-Acoustics engineers have developed a special K3 lid called K3-CHARIOTLID, which is mounted on top of cabinets when stored on the K3-CHARIOT. This platform can withstand a weight of up to 400 kg. This is convenient during storage and transportation and saves space in cargo transport!

Another novelty that will become indispensable in installations is a special acoustically transparent mesh that is attached on top of the assembled K3 array. Now you can use arrays as an object for mapping and other various projection formats.

At the L-Acoustics K3 demonstration in Moscow, we invited well-known sound engineers from our country: Alexander Perfiliev and Dmitry Kulikov. We believe that in addition to listening to commercial recordings, it is important to hear the system working in a 'live' environment.

L-Acoustics & Sonoruss K3 at Integrated Systems Russia Show L-Acoustics & Sonoruss K3 at Integrated Systems Russia Show Dmitry Kulikov, sound engineer of the musical groups "Chaif" and "Godfather", demonstrated the behavior of the K3 system with his concert multitracks using the Avid s6l-24C console. Concerts of performers were previously worked out and recorded on the s6l-32D console, so Dmitry did not need to create new showfiles when preparing. During the demo, he simply used the virtual soundcheck mode.

Alexander Perfilyev, sound engineer of the singer Elka, prepared showfiles on the s6l-24C console from scratch in a few hours. At the demonstration, Alexander revealed the nature of the sound of the new L-Acoustics K3 system on two multitracks - the singer Elka and the jazz band.

Demonstration of the sound reinforcement system with multitracks is a very convenient format! We showed the K3 system working in conditions close to the real concert. The guests heard how the K3 system works out musical signals with a large dynamic range and responds to corrections.

The L-Acoustics K3 system is already available for ordering and shipping. The owner of the first set of 12 K3 cabinets was a company from St. Petersburg-Leningrad Production.

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