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Multifunctional P1 AVB Processor And Measurement Platform From L-Acoustics Presented At Prolight, Ships In June


Multifunctional P1 AVB Processor And Measurement Platform From L-Acoustics Presented At Prolight, Ships In June

Integrated hardware and software package has been tested by key partners, is now ready for widespread adoption

MARCOUSSIS, France - March 2018 -- Unveiled last year, L-Acoustics’ P1 processor is a three-in-one unit, unique on the market, that combines front-end processing, audio bridging and signal distribution as well as system measurement and tuning in one convenient, solid package. The P1 takes the complex and hardware-intense task of system deployment and optimization and streamlines it to a single piece of hardware, fully integrated into the industry-leading LA Network Manager software platform.

After completing a test period with key L-Acoustics partners around the globe, the P1 ships this June and will be joined by the powerful new optimization tools announced to the L-Acoustics ecosystem that include additional features to 3D acoustical design program Soundvision and system control software LA Network Manager.

Early adopter Solotechtested the P1 processor on various special events, including a gala for Macy’s corporate leaders at the MGM in Las Vegas and the OSQ Amplifié performance at the Bell Center Arena in Montréal. “P1 makes system optimization faster and easier and brings the audio quality of the overall system to its full resolution,” explains Patrice Lavoie, systems technician at Solotech. “The incorporated signal generator gives us the ability to test the system as it goes up, without needing any external device and the audio files player is handy in festival situations when you have to switch between consoles. With the upcoming tuning functions, I expect things to get even faster and for us to be able to eliminate third-party software and multiple external computers”

As a signal processor with equalization, delay and dynamics, its four analog line inputs with premium A/D conversion assure the utmost sound quality. Integrating 20 inputs and 16 outputs in one rack space, the P1 can matrix, bridge and distribute AVB, AES/EBU and analog audio. And time-aligned redundant signal distribution guarantees artifact-free sound with the click of a button. The upcoming release of LA Network Manager 3.0 will leverage P1’s four microphone pre-amps to create an analyzer that is aware of all system parameters. This technology enables system tuning without additional noise.

Black Box Music Systems Engineer Oliver Decker toured with Norwegian musicians Marcus & Martinus and especially appreciated the variety of inputs: “I used it to matrix multiple consoles and distribute AVB, AES and analog to our LA12X amplified controllers,” he explains. “The flexibility added by the automatic time alignment of the P1 simplifies the signal distribution process.”

Presentations of P1 will be held at Prolight + Sound in Hall 3, Kontrast Room. L-Acoustics can also be found in Hall 3.1, stand C11.

LA Network Manager 3.0 releases later this year.

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