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L-Acoustics P1 Processor And Measurement Platform Integrates New Milan Protocol From Avnu


Multifunctional P1 is one of the first products developed to be fully compliant with Milan protocol requirements

The new multifunctional P1 AVB processor and measurement platform from L-Acoustics, shipping now, is one of the first products developed to be fully compliant with Avnu’s Milan protocol requirements which were announced June 5 at InfoComm 2018. Milan compliancy has also been added into L-Acoustics Avnu-certified LA4X and LA12X amplified controllers.

“Milan represents the next step up in AVB interoperability certification,” notes L-Acoustics Director of Electronics Genio Kronauer. “Products like our P1 that are recognized by Avnu’s new classification will not only mean that they can connect with other brands’ Milan-certified products, but that they are guaranteed to communicate fluently and be fully compatible with each other.”

L-Acoustics’ design engineers worked closely with their industry counterparts at d&b audiotechnik, Meyer Sound Laboratories, and others to openly collaborate on how to successfully ensure that their products “spoke the same language,” Kronauer points out. “It’s quite unprecedented that some of the biggest names in pro audio came together on their own to jointly make this a reality. This depth of communication between each of these companies’ products is a huge win for all of our installation and touring customers.”

The P1 processor is a unique, three-in-one unit that serves as a front-end processor, an audio matrix and bridge, as well as a system measurement and tuning platform, all in one convenient, robust package. The P1 takes the complex and hardware-intensive task of system optimization and streamlines it to a single piece of hardware, fully integrated with the industry-leading LA Network Manager software platform.

As a signal processor with equalization, delay, and dynamics, its four analog line inputs with premium A/D conversion assure the utmost sound quality. Integrating 20 inputs and 16 outputs in one rack space, the P1 can matrix, bridge, and distribute AVB, AES/EBU and analog audio. Time-aligned redundant signal distribution guarantees artifact-free sound with the click of a button. Exceptional demand shown by early orders indicates that the marketplace recognizes the current and future value that P1 will add to the L-Acoustics toolkit.

Updates to LA Network Manager will leverage P1’s four microphone pre-amps to create an analyzer that is aware of all system parameters. This technology enables system tuning without additional noise.

Presentations of P1 and new tools for fast and accurate system optimization in 3D acoustical design software Soundvision and system control software LA Network Manager will take place four times daily at InfoComm in demo room N107. Please visit L-Acoustics booth C576 for more information.

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