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L-Acoustics Named Finalist in Three Categories for the AV Awards 2020 Shortlist

L-Acoustics Named Finalist in 2020 AV AwardsExciting news: L-Acoustics has hit the AV Awards 2020 shortlist in three categories!

What are the AV Awards? Every year, AV Magazine recognizes outstanding AV professionals and companies for their contributions to the AV sector. It's also the largest and most prestigious night in the business, with 1,400 global AV professionals from every AV market division coming together to network and celebrate everything that makes this industry exceptional. This year, they're raising the bar by recognizing businesses that are setting new benchmark standards in diversity, inclusion, sustainability, and employee engagement. In addition to forward-thinking practices and environmental measures, each company is also nominated for its ingenuity, innovation, and for creating lasting impressions on the AV industry.

L-Acoustics has been named a finalist as one of those companies in not just one category, but three.

The categories are as follows: Themed Entertainment and Attractions Project of the Year for ARTECHOUSE Digital Arts Space in the US, Control and Management Technology of the Year for the M1 Calibration and Control Suite, and Audio Technology of the Year for the L-Acoustics A Series.

ARTECHOUSE: Themed Entertainment and Attractions Project of the Year FinalistThemed Entertainment and Attractions Project of the Year
ARTECHOUSE offers visitors and artists the most technologically advanced art platform in the world, connecting the audience to the arts, and stimulating interest in the possibilities of technology, science, and creativity. Machine Hallucination, a mixed reality experiment created by Refik Anadol, media artist, director, and pioneer in the aesthetics of machine intelligence, was the inaugural large-scale installation at ARTECHOUSE in New York City. Anadol worked with music and sound designer, Kerim Karaoglu, to compose the installation's impressive sound design using New York's sound archives coupled with machine intelligence. Utilizing the Barco-powered, 16K resolution, 150-megapixel, laser projection technology, ARTECHOUSE is the first cultural institution to integrate the largest seamless megapixel count, bringing every pixel alive in the broadest color spectrum. ARTECHOUSE production director, Riki Arriola, and his team designed the custom AV system and was installed by See Factor, Inc. The installation included L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology, which allows creators to design and place sound objects in a perfect 3D space choreographed with the installation's accompanying visuals to enhance the narrative. Its 32 separate channels enable artists to create and deliver new multidimensional sound experiences for live and recorded productions.

M1: Control and Management Technology of the Year FinalistControl and Management Technology of the Year
L-Acoustics was the first to introduce Soundvision, a 3D, real-time audio design software that allows designers to calculate sound pressure level (SPL) coverage, mapping, and delay coverage for sophisticated venue and sound system configurations. When the LA Network Manager control software was launched later, it made L-Acoustics sound systems fully turnkey, from design to installation to system tuning, and live monitoring.

In 2020, when LA Network Manager 3 was released, L-Acoustics took the industry's leading sound reinforcement system control and monitoring software to a new level with the introduction of M1 suite, a comprehensive set of measurements and monitoring tools. From data acquisition, through system tuning to live monitoring, M1 suite harnesses the power of the L-Acoustics processor and amplified controller hardware to offer a streamlined system calibration process as well as real-time performance monitoring.

A Series: Audio Technology of the Year FinalistAudio Technology of the Year
The 2019 introduction of the newest family of loudspeakers, A Series constant curvature line source array, offers the perfect starting block for any AV company to cover audiences from 50 to 5,000 people. A Series offers the signature L-Acoustics rider-friendly quality to professionals providing weekend sound support to local events, through to full-time sound providers working on regional or national projects. It’s also an excellent tool for established lighting/video suppliers who wish to extend their services to provide a full range of audio/visual support.

With the A Series, L-Acoustics has evolved the signature constant curvature technology to its utmost simplicity and added the flexibility of Panflex variable directivity, allowing the user to choose between 70° or 110° symmetrical dispersion, or 90° asymmetrical. Comprising four constant curvature enclosures—A15 Focus, A15 Wide, A10 Focus, A10 Wide—as well as a dedicated subwoofer, KS21, A Series enclosures offer flexible coverage options. With a throw of up to 45 meters and an impressive maximum output of 144 dB, the A Series family can be deployed in any complex audience geometry and manage any room architecture obstacle.

This year, the AV Awards will be held on November 20, 2020, in London. According to their website, “No matter what happens, we’re ready to roll. Our new platforms will allow you to take part even with social distancing restrictions in place. Book your table today and plan for a memorable evening!”

Congratulations to all the fantastic teams who helped L-Acoustics reach this incredible achievement.

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