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L-Acoustics Creates Purpose-built Team For Strategic UK Market


L-Acoustics Creates Purpose-built Team For Strategic UK Market

MARCOUSSIS, France – February 2018 – Underlining its commitment to the UK market, L‑Acoustics is pleased to announce the creation of a purpose-built sales and application team, with additional support from L-Acoustics Marcoussis headquarters.

The UK team comprises sales manager Paul McMullan, who has been with L‑Acoustics since 2016 and continues to expand the brand’s traditionally strong association with the UK market. He is now joined by new team members Sergey Becker, application engineer, Touring and Jeff Woodford, application engineer, Install. Continuing to support the UK market are Nathalie Prade in sales support, and Alex Linn in customer service.

“The UK is a seismic centre for both the touring and installation markets and is recognized for its cutting edge performing arts centres. It is also home to many of the globe’s most important consultancies,” explains Jochen Frohn, L‑Acoustics director of business development. “As such, it is a key territory for us, which is why we made the decision to strengthen the UK team with the addition of Sergey and Jeff, both experienced application engineers whose extensive knowledge will help to expand the brand in the robust UK touring and install markets.”

Sergey has spent almost 20 years designing and implementing PA systems and their control infrastructure, as well as being an experienced FOH and monitor engineer. He joins L‑Acoustics from Delta Sound, where he gained experience in high profile events such as the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, as well as at prestigious venues such as the Royal Albert Hall. He will now bring his considerable expertise to the fore on L‑Acoustics’ touring projects.

Jeff Woodford joins from RG Jones Sound Engineering, one of the original and most prestigious sound companies in the UK. He will be supporting the installation side of L‑Acoustics’ business, where his skills as a system designer, project manager and installation engineer will be an asset to L-Acoustics certified partners as well as consultants.  

”Having two talented engineers with extensive real-world experience on the team will allow L-Acoustics to give consummate support to our dynamic UK partners,” explains Tony Szabo, head of application, Touring at L-Acoustics. “I’m confident that adding Jeff and Sergey to our UK-dedicated team will be a strong factor in the continued growth of the L-Acoustics brand.”

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