Southampton Guildhall, one of the busiest music and performance venues in the UK has purchased an L-ACOUSTICS dV-DOSC system. Simon Williams the chief in house technician takes up the story:

We have been after a new FOH speaker system for almost 10 years now, and due to the limitations with the existing installation we were adamant that if sufficient funds ever became available to meet our requirements then we would only look at a  product from a high end manufacturer. We had been offered small sums of capital funding in the past, but nothing that would have given us the upgrade we were looking for, namely a completely new system capable of managing the extremely wide range of shows we have to deal with. In addition we were looking for very accurate coverage of the audience thereby helping to control the very reverberant acoustic environment that the Guildhall offers to amplified sound! So, finding the right FOH system was essential for us”.

When our capital bid was confirmed by LIVE NATION (who have been managing the venue for the past 4 years on behalf of Southampton City Council) it was easy to put our specification together as we had a very clear idea what was required. As well as finding a system which could offer excellent vocal clarity across every seat in the house we also wanted to have enough headroom available to manage bands and discos as well”.

Southampton Guildhall is a very busy venue and over the years we have lost count of the number of L-ACOUSTICS productions that have passed through which was a big help to us in choosing the right system. Apart from wanting to install equipment that would meet our audio requirements, it had to have a proven track record and well established long term support and backup, but would also be a brand that touring engineers would be happy to use. So after demos from different manufacturers we decided that the L-ACOUSTICS solution was the best option in all respects”.

The dV-DOSC system we have gone with was demonstrated to us by Paul Nicholson from L-ACOUSTICS UK, supplied by Glen Smith from GSA, with all the cases, racks, and cabling supplied and installed by local company BCS Audio/ BCS manufacturing. All three companies have been fantastic from start to finish, and we can’t thank them enough. We are extremely pleased with the end results as are all our clients and it has worked fantastically on all the shows we have used it on so far. We now have the ability to set up and de-rig the flown arrays quickly and effortlessly to suit our wide range of events and audience layouts. We have even had some productions touring their own systems who have expressed an interest in using the dV-DOSC next time around”.

My brief was to design a system that was flexible enough to deal with both the audio needs and the acoustical problems presented by the main room whilst allowing for full bandwidth coverage of the venue’s variable seating and / or standing audience configurations. With a high and remote fixed balcony and removable rear bleachers, our proprietary 3D SOUNDVISION software certainly came into its own allowing me to determine the different trim heights, inter-element angles, and output gain settings required to cover the different audience geometries. I came up with a flexible set of designs which utilised a total of just 12 x dV-DOSC + 4 x dV-SUBS all powered by LA48a amplifiers. Once these options were discussed and approved the system was demonstrated in the venue and the real world results exactly matched all the Soundvision simulations. The seamless coverage between the dV-DOSC elements with no frequency or SPL deviation in both the horizontal and vertical planes really brought home the advantages of Wavefront Sculpture Technology (WST) to everyone involved in the project”.

It’s really pleasing to see another important UK venue decide to install L-ACOUSTICS products for all the right reasons including superior technical results and true cost effectiveness”.