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Suzhou Science and Cultural Arts Centre choose L-ACOUSTICS


Suzhou Science and Cultural Arts Centre choose L-ACOUSTICS

China – L-ACOUSTICS has been designated as the brand of choice for the equipment of two theatres of the magnificent Suzhou Science and Cultural Arts Centre. Designed by French architect Paul Andreu, the SSCAC is the largest-scaled most modern multi-functional scientific and cultural complex in the history of Suzhou. With a total surface of 150 000 square meters the SSCAC will house a variety of facilities including the Grand Theatre (1200 seats), the Dinner Theatre (500), the Cineplex and the IMAX Theatre just to name a few

The SSCAC appointed Theatre Projects Consultants as the Audio Technical Consultant. The British firm worked in close collaboration with RIGHTWAY AUDIO CONSULTANTS (L-ACOUSTICS representative for China) and YAVATOP TECHNOLOGY for the integration of the L-ACOUSTICS sound system of the Grand Theater and the Dinner Theatre. With an ultimate goal to obtain unity and similar signature for both halls, a comprehensive acoustics and electro-acoustics solution was engineered taking into account theatre design, owner requirements and the architectural character of the building.

A particular challenge was to control the amount of PA acoustic energy sent into the sidewalls of the forestage side lighting room in order to reduce standing-wave, echoing as well as to reduce the sound radiation toward the stage or the orchestra pit. The directivity characteristics of the L-ACOUSTICS ARCS and dV-DOSC systems, allowed to considerably reduce these effects and provided a favorable listening environment by maximizing direct/reverberated sound ratio, increased the critical distance and significantly improved speech intelligibility. All featured fill, multi channel effect and monitor speakers were chosen in the L-ACOUSTICS XT and P series self powered coaxial range. Their coaxial design allowed sound designers to take fill advantage of a smooth radiation pattern free of polar lobing for optimized near field sound quality.

The architecture of the whole sound system was based on the new LA4 and LA8 controlled amplifiers for optimization of performance and system protection. Electro-acoustic and mechanical simulations were conducted with the 3D SOUNDVISION software.

More information on : www.rightwayaudio.com

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