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From Pop To Presidents, Croatia’s Eldra LLC Invests In L-Acoustics


From Pop To Presidents, Croatia’s Eldra LLC Invests In L-Acoustics

March 2016 - Since 1991 Eldra LLC has been building a reputation as one of the foremost sound, lighting and video rental and sales houses in Croatia. Based in Bregana, near the capital Zagreb and established with the aim of bringing the best technologies to the Croatian market, Eldra’s portfolio includes television shows, corporate events, festivals, high profile tours, even state visits by international leaders. Recently, Eldra’s founders and co-CEOs – Igor and Damir – made the decision to invest in L-Acoustics Kara and K2 systems.

“Kara is a small system that can be used for big things,” says Damir. “We use it as a main PA for smaller gigs and it is on almost on every rider for things like delays, fills and DJ monitoring, so it is in constant use. It’s lightweight, very easy to handle and performs amazingly well on corporate events and live shows.”

Eldra is the first company in the eastern Adriatic region to invest in a K2 system and Damir is sure that it will be in great demand.  “K2 is simply the best system on the market. Lightweight and powerful, it is one of the most wanted on riders and we are sure it will be for many years to come,” he says.

Supplied by L-Acoustics Croatian distributor Dicroic, both systems were in use in mid-February for a sell-out show at the 20,000-capacity Arena Zagreb by _eljko Joksimović, one of the region’s most high profile pop singers. Designed in L-Acoustics Soundvision by Eldra systems engineer Andrej Drnic, the system comprised 28 K2 and eight K1 subs (flown behind) as the main PA, 16 more K2 as outfills and 16 SB28 subs. 18 Kara were used across three towers for delays.

“The system had to cover a distance of 110m from the main PA and did it perfectly,” says Damir. “The artists’ audio production team - Nebojsa Sajic and Marijo Suijca - were very excited that they had the K2 system for such a high profile show. I was told that _eljko Joksimović was also excited because he has played a few shows using the K2 system and he was amazed at its quality.”

“Croatia is a key country in a growing and dynamic region for L-Acoustics. Eldra is a dynamic and respected company in the region and will be able to provide even more quality to the local market with their K-Standard KARA & K2 systems,” Said Jochen Frohn, International Business Development Director at L-Acoustics. “I know them to be the perfect partner to add to our growing rental network in South Eastern Europe.”

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