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TCU’s “Lady Frogs” Rumble The Stadium With L-Acoustics


TCU’s “Lady Frogs” Rumble The Stadium With L-Acoustics

New Kara(i) array, installed by Electro Acoustics, packs a power kick for University’s women’s soccer team

FORT WORTH, Texas - September 2015 --- On the heels of the US women’s soccer team winning their third FIFA World Cup championship this summer, Texas Christian University’s own team—the Horned Frogs, better known as the “Lady Frogs”—are benefitting this fall from crystal-clear play-by-play commentary thanks to a new L-Acoustics Kara(i) loudspeaker system installed at Garvey-Rosenthal Soccer Stadium in July.

Built in 2010, the outdoor stadium seats 1,500 people and is used exclusively by TCU’s women’s soccer team, which made it to the quarterfinals of the NCAA’s Big 12 Soccer Championship last season. The first game to officially fire up the new system was the team’s season home opener on September 4 versus University of Maryland.

Installed by local AV systems integrator Electro Acoustics, which has worked with the university on various projects in the past, the new system comprises a single array of six L-Acoustics Kara(i) enclosures flown beneath three SB18i subs. Three LA4X amplified controllers, housed in a rack with a similarly-new Rane MLM103 mixer, furnish the power and processing.

“Our new sound system will further enhance the spectator experience at Garvey-Rosenthal Stadium,” notes TCU Assistant Athletic Director T. Ross Bailey, adding that the school was pleased to work with the EA staff again.

Regarding the selection of L-Acoustics for the project, Electro Acoustics Account Manager Ryan Walker explains, “The line array was placed about 600 feet away from the seating area, so we needed something that could push the SPL a significant distance and sound good doing it. They’re currently getting 97dB at the seating area and the sound and coverage are absolutely great. Everyone who has heard it has been impressed with the clarity and has just loved it.”

For details on TCU’s women’s soccer team, visit www.gofrogs.com. Electro Acoustics can likewise be found online at www.eavi.com.

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