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Electrocraft Flies K2 system for Salim-Sulaiman Show at NSCI


Electrocraft Flies K2 system for Salim-Sulaiman Show at NSCI

Mumbai - Salim-Sulaiman, a popular Indian musician duo who score popular Bollywood films as well as writing and performing popular music, recently performed to a sold-out show at the Sardar Vallabhbahi Patel stadium at National Sports Club of India (NSCI) in Mumbai. The musician brothers and their band delivered a breath-taking performance, mesmerizing a packed house of over 6,000. Electrocraft catered to the show with their newly acquired L-Acoustics K2 line-array system.

“The K2 was the right PA for the show and the venue,” stated Dwayne Das, FOH and system engineer at Electrocraft. “It has a wonderful mid-range quality, plus the high-frequency definition and dispersion is excellent. The cabinet, speaker construction, weight, different angles of high-frequency dispersion and worldwide acclamation has made the K2 the most sought after line-array loudspeaker in the industry. The energetic and upbeat performance of Salim-Sulaiman was perfectly complimented by the sonic quality of K2.”

A total of twelve K2 elements were used per side as the main PA and four dV-Dosc loudspeakers were used as out-fills. For the low-end, eight SB28 subwoofers were used per side, while stage side-fills were handled by two ARCS and one SB28 per side. A Digidesign Profile was used as the mixing console at the FOH while a SC48 was used for monitor mixing.

All loudspeakers were powered and processed by LA8 amplified controllers. Dave Drego, FOH and system engineer of Electrocraft further added, “The band loved the sound of the PA, the naturalness and intelligibility was brilliant. What’s more is that for a loud indoor show like this, the K2 is the perfect line-array because it has immense power and is a beautiful sounding system.” Peter Owen from L-Acoustics also added, “I’m delighted that Electrocraft has chosen to add K2 to their stock. Roger Drego has been an amazing ambassador for L-Acoustics in India for over 15 years and his choice to add our latest technology to his roster will ensure that Electrocraft will continue adding a considerable amount of market share for many years to come.”

“The K2 has helped achieve brilliant coverage all over the stadium. We were able to attain a constant level of SPL throughout the venue and also maintain a good balance over the entire audio spectrum,” added Yohan Fernandes, FOH and system engineer - Electrocraft. Roger Drego, (Managing Director – Electrocraft) added, “The best part about the K2 is that it performs exceptionally well from the moment it is turned on. The dual 12” loudspeaker has superior audio quality and it doesn’t need much adjustment. The sonic performance is excellent and dispersion qualities are consistent over a wide distance – add the SB28 subwoofers to this combination and you are able to achieve an awesome sound that is easily manageable with the help of the control software.”

Roger further added, “I have been using L-Acoustics systems for the last two decades and will continue doing so because of their superior audio quality and flexibility to adjust to different shows and venues. This show went on well, the event organisers were blown away by the performance of the system. One of the things I like about the K2, is that it is able to reproduce content down till 35Hz with least possible distortion and without over-powering the midrange. I am extremely happy with the reviews of the K2 and it’s turned out to be a perfect investment for me and my company.”

About Electrocraft
Electrocraft is India’s premiere sound, lights and truss rental company to bring L-Acoustics into India. The company has been using V-Dosc line-array elements since the 90’s and has always supported the sonic legacy and brand value of L-Acoustics.
For further information on Electrocraft, visit www.electrocraft.net

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