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L-Acoustics ARCS WiFo Chosen to Buoy “Titanic the Musical” in Switzerland


L-Acoustics ARCS WiFo Chosen to Buoy “Titanic the Musical” in Switzerland

The Walenseebühne is a unique open air performing arts center at the edge of the sea in Walensee, Switzerland. Opened ten years ago, Hyposound AG provided all technical support for the center, including audio, lighting, video, communication and power distribution.

For the recent production of “Titanic the Musical,”sound designer Andreas Brüll worked in close collaboration with Hyposound to design a system based on L-Acoustics ARCS WiFo. Four ARCS Focus were installed under the stage edge and covered by stage mesh. Due to the small footprint and the narrow spot of only 15" it was the perfect solution for many specific problems. As delays, another three ARCS Wide and one ARCS Focus were used. One combined cluster of Focus and Wide in the center and two single Wide as left/right. Soundvision was used to determine the perfect angle from stage edge and also for the delays to not hit the roof of the 1900 capacity grandstand in order to prevent reflections. Every ARCS is driven by its own channel of LA4x amplified controllers. Delay times were also simulated using Soundvision, with Hyposound AG’s owner and system technician, Christoph Müller measuring to matching the vocal system with the music system, and Main Vocal system with the delays.

Due to the neutral sound of the ARCS, almost no EQ is necessary on the lavalier microphones. And even with a complicated opening scene, where all actors meet at the dock before on boarding the Titanic, feedback has never been an issue. The whole audio team is happy with the ARCS vocal system and extra credits are given to the sound quality not only by the Producer Marco Wyss, but also by the Newspapers covering the production.

From October through December, Hyposound AG will provide tour with the Titanic production, providing L-Acoustics Kara or ARCS WiFo, depending of the size of the venue. “We won’t have to change much in the mix, because of similar sonic signature of Kara and ARCS,” says Christoph Müller. “We really are happy and proud to be part of the L-Acoustics family. It brings us steps forward and also our customers are very happy to make a step forward in sound quality for their productions.”

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