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Stage Audio Services invest in L-Acoustics K2


Stage Audio Services invest in L-Acoustics K2

Stage Audio Service is a long established L-Acoustics user, having taken delivery of its first system some 20 years ago. Its most recent acquisition is an L-Acoustics K2 system, purchased via SSE Sales, which is proving as successful as its existing 300 plus cabinets.

Investing in the L-Acoustics brand has, says owner Kevin Mobberley, been very good for the company. “We were the first company in the country to buy L-Acoustics. We were very small back then and it was a good decision. It’s a product that people want, we were lucky to get on board early and we’ve done well from it. Now we have pretty much every cabinet they’ve ever made, plus 50 or 60 of their new LA8 amps,” he says.

“We bought the K2 system because it’s a natural progression from V-DOSC and DV-DOSC, and we wanted to be at the forefront of the new technology. It’s a great ‘polite’ sounding system - by this I mean the sound has a very nice, hi fi-like quality to it and everyone loves the way it rigs and the way it transports; its light weight is a great bonus. We’ve had tours where we’ve had to go from large nightclubs straight to arenas; using K2 gives us a lot more flexibility in those situations.”

Delivery of the system was taken in February, since when it has been respectably busy. “We’ve used K2 on the Slam Dunk, Download, We Are and Hard Rock Hel festivals, as well as on tour with Muse, Paulo Nutini and George Ezra,” Kevin adds. “We’re really happy with it. So much so that we are now in the process of moving all our stock on to the new K system, with X Series wedges.”

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