OXNARD, California - L-ACOUSTICS US announces that fellow Oxnard-based company Rat Sound Systems Inc. has just joined its K1/KUDO Pilot Program with the delivery of a stadium-sized sound reinforcement system primarily comprised of 48 new K1 enclosures, 16 K1-SB subwoofers, 16 LA-RAK touring racks loaded with LA8 amplified controllers, and 24 SB28 subs.

Longtime V-DOSC® (and, more recently, KUDO) user Rat Sound now joins New York’s Firehouse Productions on a very short list of North American touring companies to take part in the manufacturer’s K1/KUDO Pilot Program. Offered primarily to select existing members of the L-ACOUSTICS RENTAL NETWORK, the program was created to provide advance field proofing of the new flagship line source array enclosures for stadium and festival tour sound applications.

Rat Sound Founder Dave Rat spoke about the decision to utilize the system: “Over a decade ago, I went down and listened to the L-ACOUSTICS V-DOSC and heard something entirely unique. Its amazing sound clarity and line source configuration changed the industry. Through my work as sound engineer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I have mixed on every sound system on the market, and the K1 is the first time I have heard something as exciting as when I first heard the V-DOSC. This is the new barometer by which all sound systems will be judged. Not to mention the fact that these hang 24 deep, they have a super-cool captive rigging system, and the radiation consistency is amazing.”

“Our relationship with Rat Sound obviously goes back many years, so it’s no secret that we’re very pleased to have them participate in our K1/KUDO Pilot Program,” adds L-ACOUSTICS VP of Sales and Marketing Paul Freudenberg. “Dave Rat’s personal experience deploying L-ACOUSTICS systems and his innovative approach to sound design will undoubtedly rub off on the exposure of the K1 and KUDO product.”

L-ACOUSTICS has announced that the K1/KUDO Pilot Program is expected to last for a period of 24 months, a necessary time prior to the official launch of the future L-ACOUSTICS stadium line array system. K1/KUDO Pilot rental companies will closely collaborate with the L-ACOUSTICS R&D team and their technical support. Emphasis will be put on preset validation, stadium system configurations design, rigging and general system set-up and operation. Rental K1/KUDO Pilot companies will then be offered a path leading to system ownership prior to its formal market introduction.

More information on : www.ratsound.com