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University of Wyoming's Dome of Doom Singles out L-Acoustics for First Audio Overhaul


University of Wyoming's Dome of Doom Singles out L-Acoustics for First Audio Overhaul

Pro Sound & Video's California team installs WJHW-specified L-Acoustics Kiva array system at Arena-Auditorium

LARAMIE, Wyoming - February 2015 -- In addition to serving as home court to the NCAA Division 1 Cowboys basketball team, University of Wyoming's 15,000-seat Arena-Auditorium - colloquially known as the "Dome of Doom" - has hosted some of the world's most prestigious guest speakers over the decades, not to mention all University commencements. However, in recent years the facility's original sound system, circa 1982, had truly begun to show its age so the University opted to install an L-Acoustics Kiva loudspeaker system during a larger $12M upgrade of the facility's interior last fall.

"The previous sound system didn't completely reach the upper bleacher areas and wasn't adequately meeting the needs of productions coming in, so an upgrade was long overdue," comments Pro Sound & Video's Shawn Risberg, president of the systems integrator's Los Angeles operation, Pro Sound CA, Inc., which won the bid for the installation.

Although several loudspeaker manufacturers and models were considered, PS&V and consulting firm Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon & Williams, Inc. quickly settled on L-Acoustics' compact Kiva arrays as the optimal choice. "We've worked with L-Acoustics on various installs over the past five years and always had a good experience with their products and people, so we chose to partner with them for this project," Risberg adds.

WJHW Senior Consultant Tom Falgien and PS&V agreed that the Kivas made sense in Laramie. "The Arena-Auditorium at UW is a unique dome design built from wooden beams that don't conveniently permit loudspeaker rigging points," he notes. "As a result, we had to find arrays that were lightweight and low profile as they would have to hang from an existing catwalk assembly. The Soundvision model proved that the compact Kiva enclosures would throw all the way to the back of the venue and their 15 degree splay angle was ideal for vertical coverage."

As a result, the system now installed is comprised of six arrays of nine Kiva enclosures, six SB18i subs, seven 12XTi coaxials positioned over the arena floor, and 17 LA4X amplified controllers delivering loudspeaker power and processing.

The arena's previous system had been a central cluster constructed from full range cabinets. "Due to the building construction, a true center cluster was not possible," points out WJHW Associate Mark Graham. "So the previous cluster was rather off-center from the playing floor and became more so when the court was rotated and expanded as part of the remodeling. We removed the previous cluster cabinets and used this structure to install the L-Acoustics subs and coaxial court fill speakers. The Kiva arrays now form a circle in relation to center court and evenly cover the spectator seating."

Falgien was pleased with the tonality and coverage of the Kivas. "Pro Sound had loaded the factory tunings, and we changed very little during commissioning," he says. "Just a few minor tweaks, including a bit of low roll off, and the sound was great. The athletes, staff and coaches quickly noticed and appreciated the substantial improvement in sound quality and coverage."

Falgien commended PS&V for being engaged and detailed in its approach to the project. "Given this was a remodel on a tight timeline, there were the usual, and some unusual, difficulties - none of which became a crisis," he notes.

L-Acoustics also won praise from both the design consultant and systems integrator in this instance. "My experience with L-Acoustics has been always positive," sums Falgien. "Dan Palmer [L-Acoustics' national manager of installation projects] was helpful and continues to be a good resource."

For more information on University of Wyoming Arena-Auditorium's recent renovation project, visit www.gowyo.com/facilities/arena-auditorium.html. Pro Sound & Video and WJHW can be found online at www.prosound.net and www.wjhw.com, respectively.

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