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ADLIB Supplies Lana Del Rey Tour


ADLIB Supplies Lana Del Rey Tour

Liverpool UK based technical solutions provider Adlib supplied innovative singer / songwriter Lana Del Rey with an L-ACOUSTICS K1 sound system for her on-going and highly successful UK and European tour.

Adlib’s George Puttock designed the audio system, which was specified by Joe Harling and Tour Manager Peter Abbott. Puttock and Adlib’s Sam Proctor rigged and oversaw all the equipment on the road, with Adlib’s Simon Lawson as PA Tech ensuring that Del Rey’s FOH and monitor engineers Joe Harling and Matt Kanaris could achieve the best possible sonic results in a wide variety of venues.

The main PA hangs in their largest configuration were 12 x L-ACOUSTICS K1 per side with three KARA downs, together with side hangs of three L-Acoustics SB18s with 12 KARA underneath. These were supported by 16 x SB28s subs on the floor – six left, six right and four in the centre - cleverly positioned to double up as steps that provide stage entrances and exits for Del Rey. This worked extremely well - the subs were in exactly the right place to make a huge difference to the sub / low coverage, mitigating the normal 'power alley' that is traditionally associated with subs.

The ground SB28s merely ‘tickled’ away to provide a low frequency extension to the K1 elements in the air, which are renowned for their solid low frequency handling. Apart from the fabulous sound of the K1 system, it is also extremely quick and easy to rig, allowing for more time in the morning to design the system.

With a string quartet and all other musicians and Del Rey on stage using in-ear monitors, the stage area is really quiet, so the front fills are very important and have to be leaned on heavily, so KARA and ARCS were used. These needed to be tightly controlled as Del Rey spends a fair amount of time in front of the stage.

The L-ACOUSTICS speakers were all driven by LA8 amplifiers running the latest firmware, which brings many new refinements and additional functionality.

Puttock, Proctor and Lawson really enjoyed the tour, and Adlib Account Handler Phil Stoker adds, “Rarely does such a unique artist come along nowadays as Lana Del Rey, and we have been incredibly lucky working on such a stylish and cinematic style live show. Production Manager Peter Abbott is fantastic to work with and Joe Harling at FOH had it sounding incredible through the K1 system. The set and lighting all added to the intimate yet expansive theatrical feel. Soon the rest of the world  will see what European fans have been so vocally excited about....”


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