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The Fennia Salon at the Casino Helsinki


The Fennia Salon at the Casino Helsinki

The Fennia Salon at the Casino Helsinki in Finland offers guests a first class dinner and entertainment experience all within an original 1920s setting.  Casino Helsinki is the only international casino in the country and is operated by Finland’s Slot Machine Association with all the funds collected through gaming directed at Finnish welfare services, such as funding for health and social welfare organiations and war veterans through the State Treasury. The PA system is made up of 12 L-ACOUSTICS KIVA loudspeakers; four L-ACOUSTICS KILO loudspeakers, two L-ACOUSTICS MTD 108 loudspeakers; and four L-ACOUSTICS SB18 subwoofers; powered by one L-ACOUSTICS LA17 amplifier and three L-ACOUSTITCS LA4 amplifiers.”

Excerpt kindly reproduced with the permission of Mondo*dr.  Please see the full article here: http://content.yudu.com/Library/A23fr9/mondodrMarApr2013Iss/resources/index.htm

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