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Event Engineering choose KIVA


Event Engineering choose KIVA

Conference and Event production company 'Event Engineering' take delivery of an L-ACOUSTICS KIVA system from SSE Sales

Event Engineering provides a full production service and AV solutions for corporate events. As such they have invested heavily in a wide range of event technology, including L-ACOUSTICS PA. Event Engineering's Operations Manager Jim Brown chose SSE Sales for their latest equipment investment, following good experiences with both SSE Hire and SSE Sales.

"I first came into contact when SSE looked after me as a touring engineer and have appreciated their attention to detail ever since."

"My previous dealings with SSE Sales have lived up to the high standards set by the hire business with prompt and efficient service. The backup of having the hire stock there as a fall back in case our tight delivery timescales couldn’t be met by the manufacturers was reassuring but not required in the end."

This latest purchase has increased Event Engineering's stock of pro audio rental equipment and has enabled them to become a part of the L-ACOUSTICS Rental Network.

The KIVA package comprises 18 ultra-compact WST enclosures and 8 SB15M compact subs, with KIBU-SB rigging for flying or stacking both KIVA and SB15M.

KIVA was chosen after thorough testing against alternatives:

"We found that KIVA was sonically superior and its weight and form factor are ideal for our primary market of conferences", says Jim Brown. He was also attracted by joining a network of like-minded businesses committed to providing PA systems of the highest quality.

The KIVA order was supplemented by the highly compact L-ACOUSTICS coaxial XT cabinets - 4 x 5XT and 6 x 8XT.

According to Jim Brown, "The XT is also a brilliant tool in our arsenal where we need to provide high quality audio with the bare minimum of visual impact".

"We have already noticed an increase in enquiries as word has spread that we’ve made the purchase. Obviously we’re pushing for this to turn into new business and a good return on our investment. The announcement of this investment also makes a statement about the intent of our company - to provide excellent technical solutions by investing in top quality equipment."

The full article appears here: http://www.sseaudiogroup.com/news_detail.asp?id=579&section=6


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