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XLR joins the L-ACOUSTICS Certified Provider network in Belgium


XLR joins the L-ACOUSTICS Certified Provider network in Belgium

 L-ACOUSTICS is pleased to announce that Brussels-based sales and distribution team, XLR, has joined the new L-ACOUSTICS Certified Provider network for Belgium as a Distributor. Jan de Brucker and Louis Lukusa head the team dealing with Dutch-speaking Belgium and with the French-speaking side of Belgium respectively, backed up by the technical expertise of Sébastien Desaever.

As wholesaler XLR offers exclusive pro audio equipment and service to a well-established network of partners in Belgium and Luxembourg in the rental and installation market.

Jan de Brucker and Louis Lukusa said, “L-ACOUSTICS is THE leading brand in our market and we are proud to be part of the Certified Provider network. The high level of quality offered by L-ACOUSTICS fits perfectly with the needs of our customers. We look forward to working with L-ACOUSTICS going forward.”

Tim McCall, Regional Sales Manager at L-ACOUSTICS said, “We are very glad to work with Jan, Louis and Seb, who have extensive experience of the audio industry, to help promote L-ACOUSTICS in the Belgian market. They are a valuable addition to our existing network of Certified Providers. The enthusiasm and knowledge of the XLR team alongside the recent additions to the L-ACOUSTICS range of ARCS WIDE and FOCUS, 5XT and SB15m should be a winning recipe for our customers in the region.”

XLR: http://www.xlrpro.be/

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