L-ACOUSTICS introduces loudspeaker modules for CATT, EASE, ODEON and LARA


L-ACOUSTICS introduces loudspeaker modules for CATT, EASE, ODEON and LARA

L-ACOUSTICS is pleased to announce that new modules are now available for third party software including CATT-Acoustics (Dynamic Link Library - DLL), EASE (Generic Loudspeaker Library - GLL), ODEON and LARA. 

Sound designers and acousticians can now simulate the L-ACOUSTICS line source arrays via specific GLL or DLL file respectively for the electro-acoustic software EASE and CATT-Acoustics. L-ACOUSTICS coaxial speakers can also be simulated using the dedicated GLL file in EASE and the Common Loudspeaker Format (CLF) file for CATT-Acoustics, ODEON and LARA.

Each third party software can be used in parallel with SOUNDVISION to simulate additional parameters such as total sound pressure level (taking into account the reverberation field), intelligibility and clarity factor thanks to the fact that they include room acoustics properties.

Germain Simon, Application Engineer at L-ACOUSTICS said, “The new modules allow for much quicker insertion and setup of L-ACOUSTICS WST and coaxial systems into a variety of individual sound design software. The GLL and DLL libraries provide true line source radiation patterns which enable them to much more accurately predict the behavior of lines source arrays in a venue.”

This development supports acousticians by allowing them to input clients’ requirements such as intelligibility and reverberation directly into their L-ACOUSTICS speaker design, and responds directly to a request from consultants. 

L-ACOUSTICS Download Center: https://www.l-acoustics.com/download

For room acoustics prediction and auralization: mono, stereo, binaural and B-format. Real time walkthrough auralization via the CATT-Walker™ module.  CATT-Acoustic is typically used by room acoustics consultants, sound system consultants and universities with room acoustics research and education. http://www.catt.se/

EASE is developed and distributed by Ahnert Feistel Media Group (AFMG). The software suite provides system designers and consultants with an invaluable set of tools for all aspects of professional practice, from detailed, realistic modeling and simulation of venue acoustics and sound system performance to informative and engaging client presentations, to comprehensive measurement and verification. EASE is accepted and recognised worldwide as the industry standard in acoustical modeling and simulation.

The ODEON project was initiated as a cooperation between the Technical University of Denmark (Dpt. of Acoustic Technology) and a group of consulting companies in 1984 with the purpose of providing reliable prediction software for room acoustics.

LARA sound system design software can be used to predict the direct field coverage of one or more loudspeakers over a defined listening area. http://www.integralacoustics.ca/

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