L-ACOUSTICS installation at the Star Performing Arts Centre, Singapore


L-ACOUSTICS installation at the Star Performing Arts Centre, Singapore

Following eight years of construction, the Star Performing Arts Centre in Singapore was finally opened in November 2012.  Two thirds of the building, comprising 38,000 square meters, is dedicated to the performing arts centre.  It is the only state-of-the-art 5,108-seat purpose-built performance venue in Singapore. Aside from the main indoor concert hall, it also features a 770-seat function hall, an outdoor 300-seat amphitheatre, multi-purpose rooms and a roof-top reception area.

In “The Star Performing” article by Elissa Nadine in the Jan/Feb 2013 Entertainment Technology Asia, the sound quality of the venue is reviewed in depth.

“Artec’s project sound system designer, Sten Severson, says, “Sound quality was one of the main concerns, especially with such a large space, “We had to make sure that the coverage was even, meaning high fidelity sounds at high levels.  And the idea that there has to be clear and high quality sound everywhere was a motivating factor.

…A full L-ACOUSTICS line array system consisting of 24 K1 large format WST line source speakers with the new ‘K’ transducer configured on the smooth horizontal radiation pattern were configured for the left and right of stage.  Complementing each array are 5 x L-ACOUSTICS KARA’s which are compact and lightweight with 110˚ horizontal directivity for down fill coverage.  For the centre cluster, Technical Director Daniel Loh explains, “we have 14 L-ACOUSTICS KARAs in the center cluster so the L-R cluster is primarily to serve the whole auditorium while the center is primarily for vocals as it’s configured as a L-C-R system.  At the end of the day it’s what they sound like, and those are great speakers and they are very clear crisp boxes.  One of the top priorities was to do the cardioid subwoofer pattern and L-ACOUSTICS makes that one of their base options and they’re good to work with.  Their design department was also very helpful.  We have worked with them on a couple of projects and we have a very good relationship with them.””

Entertainment Technology Asia: http://www.issuu.com/spinworkz/docs/eta_jan-feb_2013__low_res_

This excerpt was reproduced with the kind permission of Entertainment Technology Asia.

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