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Swedish House Mafia swansong tour


Swedish House Mafia swansong tour

In 2012 the Swedish House Mafia announced a farewell tour to celebrate their stratospheric rise in the progressive house scene.

For their swansong tour, “One Last Tour”, the Swedish group is travelling to 13 cities in Europe before moving to South Africa, Australia and USA in 2013.   An L-ACOUSTICS K1 system was selected and provided by the SSE Audio Group to most venues in the European leg of the tour, filling stadiums and arenas with audiences of 8,000 to 40,000.

Pete Russell, Project Manager for SSE Hire explains, ‘We are touring a K1 system with main L & R hangs of up to 3 x K1 sub and 14 x K1 with 3 KARA under hangs.  In addition there is a hang of 6 additional K1 sub hanging to the rear of the main hang, out hangs of 3 x K1 sub and 10 x K1 with 3 KARA under hangs, and rear hangs of 9 x KUDOS. We are using additional KARA and ARCS II for infill and 36 SB28 subs. For the flagship Stockholm show which was in the new Friends Arena with audiences of 40,000 on all three nights, we added center delays of 10 KI and outer delays of 8 K1 and an additional 20 SB28 subs which were supplied by Westridge Audio.”

FOH engineer Wayne (Rabbit) Sargeant, describes the way the system works: "K1 rules! It’s the only P.A. that can deliver truly colossal sound, shrinking stadiums to sound like a club".  The crew from SSE Audio Group include Nick Pain, Detlev (Willie) Klein, Glen Little and Duane Williams.

After a few shows the Swedish House Mafia wrote to fans via their website, “Europe… so far we have had the time of our lives! And there’s more to come!”

SSE Audio Group: http://www.sseaudiogroup.com/
Swedish House Mafia: http://www.onelasttour.com

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