Tianjin Grand Theatre by mondo*dr


Tianjin Grand Theatre by mondo*dr

The Tianjin community is proud to welcome visitors to the Tianjin Cultural Centre, which comprises two museums, a library, an art gallery, a youth activity centre, and a shopping centre, as well as what is deemed to be the heart of the Tianjin Cultural Centre, the Tianjin Grand Theatre. The collections of buildings span across almost 90 hectares and are located close to the city hall of the Tianjin Municipal Government.

Mr Li Jinyao, co-lead of the audio system integrator team, explained the brief for the sound system, “We were instructed to make the Tianjin Grand Theatre the largest, high-class performance centre for culture and arts in Tianjin city. The owners wanted to position Tianjin Grand Theatre as one of the major grand theatres in China, with the same level of fame and standard as the National Centre for the Performing Arts, Shanghai Oriental Arts Centre and Guangzhou Opera House.”

The audio system integrator team carried out an in depth investigation into the design of the audio system, to ensure it catered to the actual needs of the theatre, as well as coming up with a pragmatic approach to the technology and craftsmanship involved.

In the opera house, Guangzhou Leafun Culture Science and Technology specified an amplifier system deployed in a L-R stereo mode. A total of 12 L-ACOUSTICS KARAi cabinets are flown either side of the stage, and underneath there are four L-ACOUSTICS SB18i subwoofers stacked vertically. This system covers the stalls and the balcony areas with minimum interference and produces high quality sound.

“L-ACOUSTICS has always been a renowned brand of loudspeakers both in China and internationally,” said Mr Li Jinyao. “The unique features of its line array products are in line with the design intention of the FOH system of the theatre. They really are match made in heaven.”

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