K1 arrives in the United Arab Emirates


K1 arrives in the United Arab Emirates

Delta Sound has purchased an L-ACOUSTICS K1 system for the United Arab Emirates region. The purchase has taken a long time in planning, but the new system has now arrived at Delta’s Dubai warehouse ahead of field testing, and its first full usage at the Yasalam Formula 1 concerts in Abu Dhabi.

‘The reason for getting into K1 for us and our profile is that it fits perfectly,’ commented Delta Sound managing director Andy Jackson. ‘It’s a natural progression with our relationships both with the UK and with L-ACOUSTICS. We used the system two years ago at Yasalam where we had it on a three month rental. We know the product, we know it works extremely well and it gives us an edge over here that nobody else will have.’

This is a vital part of the deal as Andy Jackson points out that the purchase was made to service the local market. ‘We bought the system to stay in the UAE, it’s not going to be a system that we ship backwards and forwards to the UK. It’s here for the local production companies and promoters to make use of.’

Mr Jackson describes the investment as, ‘a big decision’ for the rental house, but is also keen to stress the importance for the manufacturer too. ‘It’s a big decision for L-ACOUSTICS as well because they don’t flood the market with their product. We’ve sat down with them and we’ve come up with the right kind of partnership that I think will work,’ he explained. ‘We’re very excited about getting on board straight away.’


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