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L-ACOUSTICS K1 sound quality now in Turkey


L-ACOUSTICS K1 sound quality now in Turkey

One of the most active venues in Turkey this season was undoubtedly KüçükÇiftlik Park, an open air concert and event venue with a capacity of 17,000 in the center of Istanbul. Following on from the renovation of KüçükÇiftlik Park stage area, the technical equipment was also upgraded, and now offers rider-friendly potential.  The system includes L-ACOUSTICS 4 x K1-SB, 20 x K1, 16 x SB28, 6 x KARA, 4 x SB18 and 18 x LA8 providing the only K1 sound system in Turkey.

Starting with the Multisound Festival in May 2012, KüçükÇiftlik Park has hosted many performances from artists such as Jessie J, Duran Duran, Tony Bennett, Pitbull and Stevie Wonder.  The sound quality and the performance of the sound system have turned KüçükÇiftlik Park into the most requested venue for big events and concerts. The venue is preparing to host more events in the coming months, including artists such as the Scorpions, Enrique Iglesias, Steve Vai in addition to music festivals such as Urban Festival and Eksen On Fair.


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