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Date Restaurant & Designers’ Corner opens with L-ACOUSTICS sound system


Date Restaurant & Designers’ Corner opens with L-ACOUSTICS sound system

Date Restaurant & Designers’ Corner recently celebrated its opening, gathering together Istanbul’s dining, entertainment and fashion and design communities.

Date Restaurant & Designers’ Corner is a new multi-functional venue in Istanbul offering entertainment around cuisine and fashion.  On the first floor, Date Restaurant & Designers’ Corner serves as a bar and restaurant. On the second floor, the Date Restaurant & Designers’ Corner hosts events around fashion and design.  Fashion collections designed especially for Date were exhibited for the opening celebration, followed by a fashion show choreographed by the Turkish fashion designer Uğurkan Erez.

Aside from providing a multiple activities under one roof, Date Restaurant and Designers’ Corner put a lot of thought into choosing the sound system and sound design appropriate for their space.  The building dates from 1873 and was carefully renovated by the team, revealing beautiful exposed brick walls.  The sound systems needed to meet the needs of disparate activities, including dining, dancing, hosting fashion shows, hosting pop-up shows and after dark, clubbing.

L-ACOUSTICS coaxial range offered the perfect solution. Date Restaurant & Designers’ Corner Manager Kaan Ozcan says, “We decided to go with the L-ACOUSTICS coaxial sound system because it delivers excellent sound in a small package.  It is ideal for the space and versatile too, ideal for our needs.”

Elit Light/Sound Technologies installed 8XTi speakers from the L-ACOUSTICS coaxial range, as well as a SB18i subwoofer.  The L-ACOUSTICS LA4 amplified controller is used to control, filter and power the system. The system was carefully installed around the venue for ultimate sonic performance, clarity and precision, preserving the quality of sound throughout the venue.

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