Euroshow Moscow has deployed its L-ACOUSTICS K1 WST® line source system at Rock on the Volga, a one-day festival in the city of Samara.

The June event, which drew a crowd of more than 270,000 people, has been confirmed as the biggest open-air festival in Europe and Asia. It featured eight of Russia’s leading bands including Leningrad and Alisa, and was headlined by ZAZ, Garbage and Limp Bizkit.

Euroshow used 16 K1 and four KARA per side as the main system, supplemented with eight K1-SB subwoofers flown per side behind the main array. Outfills were a further eight K1 with four K1-SB per side, front fills were four stacks of two KARA cabinets with six stacks of four SB28 subs per side in cardioid mode. Stage monitors were provided by ZAZ alone in the form of 12 115XT HiQ, three ARCS and three SB218 subs per side performed as stage sidefills. The entire system was powered by a total of 63 LA8 amplified controllers in 21 LA-RAKs, controlled by two LA Network Manager systems, one for the PA and one for monitors.

“It was very easy to choose the K1 system because we compared it to our other systems in our inventory, and it was without doubt a winner,” says Euroshow’s production manager and system engineer Alexander Aydakin. “The K1/K1-SB system provided exceptional coverage and SPL levels with perfect tonal balance and a large amount of headroom. The experienced FOH guys for Limp Bizkit and Garbage were really satisfied, and were able to do anything they wanted to without any clipping. Afterwards a lot of people told us that it was the best show they’d ever attended.”

For more information please visit: www.euroshow-msk.ru

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