V-DOSC installed into Ukraine’s leading concert hall


V-DOSC installed into Ukraine’s leading concert hall

L-ACOUSTICS’ exclusive distributor in Ukraine, ART-R, has won the tender to supply the country’s main concert hall, the Ukraina National Palace of Arts in Kiev, with high-performance audio equipment.

The system provided by ART-R consists of a left/right configuration of nine L-ACOUSTICS V-DOSC WST® line source loudspeakers per side. There is also a centre channel of 12 d-VDOSC loudspeakers, with two further d-VDOSCs on stage providing side and front fill. Eight SB28 subwoofers supplement the full-range audio from the arrays, and the system is powered by LA8 amplified controllers,

ART-R was able to provide a complete turnkey solution for the Ukrainian Palace of Arts, carrying out both installation and system tuning, the latter in conjunction with L-ACOUSTICS application support engineer Andrew Nagel.

“The sound system provides the Ukraina National Palace of Arts with unparalleled power and control through the use of L-ACOUSTICS WST® technology, advanced subwoofer design and K standard amplification and limiting,” says ART-R’s technical director Andriy Kotets.

For more information please visit: www.artr.com.ua

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