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Elit deploys L-ACOUSTICS systems across Istanbul


Elit deploys L-ACOUSTICS systems across Istanbul

L-ACOUSTICS’ Turkish distributor, Elit Light&Sound Technologies, reports a spate of recent installations and projects in Istanbul using L-ACOUSTICS systems.

Technical production companies 911 Music and Pia Stage Technologies worked with Elit to provide all sound and lighting for a concert at new Istanbul venue, Ora Arena, featuring the Buena Vista Social Club and Omara Portuondo. A main system of 12 L-ACOUSTICS KARA WST® line source speakers per side was used, together with four L-ACOUSTICS ARCS, 10 SB18 and six SB28 subwoofers and 16 112P coaxial loudspeakers as stage monitors, the whole system being driven by 10 LA8 amplified controllers apart from the self-powered 112Ps. The prestigious concert featuring the multiple Grammy-winning Cuban band was organized by Turkish event management company Unilife.

According to Hamid Nejatemin, partner of 911 Music, the only option for providing sound quality that would equal the listening experience of the band’s recorded music was by using L-ACOUSTICS. “The KARA system never disappointed us,” he says. “The 10 degree vertical, 110 degree horizontal angle enabled us to achieve equal sound at every point in the hall. The line array, consisting of 12 KARA per side, created, an ‘in your face’ effect even at FOH, 50 meters away. The ARCS also took care of the blind spots.”

Also in Istanbul, bar-restaurant chain Bistro 33 has installed L-ACOUSTICS system into two new premises at 33 Bağdat Street and the Palladium Shopping Mall respectively. Two L-ACOUSTICS 108P coaxial loudspeakers and two SB15P subwoofers have been installed into 33 Bağdat Street, providing a sound ambience to match the chilled out atmosphere, quality and comfort of the new branch. Meanwhile, Elit has installed four L-ACOUSTICS 8XTi coaxial loudspeakers and two SB18i subwoofers, powered by two LA4 amplified controllers, into Bistro 33 at the Palladium Shopping Mall.

Finally, Giritli by Theo has opened its doors to the public at Istanbul Suadiye, again with an L-ACOUSTICS sound system from Elit. The brainchild of Theo Kalyoncu, son of leading Turkish singer Fedon, Giritli is inspired by the Greek islands and offers cuisine and live music from the Aegean and Crete, in addition to a line up of surprise guest artists who regularly take the stage. Here, four L-ACOUSTICS 8XT coaxial loudspeakers and two SB118 subs powered by LA4 amplifiers have been installed.

For more information please visit: www.elit-tr.com

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