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Dodger Stadium Debuts State of the Art L-Acoustics Sound at MLB Season Opener 2020

Dodger Stadium Debuts L-Acoustics Sound As the new MLB season opened on July 23, 2020, fans of the boys in blue crowded around their TVs at home, bubbling over in anticipation for America's greatest pastime. The fans' excitement was palpable through social media posts. While the spectators at home longed to sit in the grandstands in person, the start to the modified season brought fans a sense of excitement and hope. Since the Los Angeles Dodgers ballpark stadium recently received a major upgrade in the renovation, it was undoubtedly an exhilarating day on the field.

"We needed to fundamentally change the location and configuration of the sound system for the renovations," said Derek O'Hara, Dodgers Director of Planning and Development. "Our Chief Marketing Officer, Lon Rosen, was adamant that this was an opportunity to get the best possible sound system we could."

And the best sound is what they got.

2020: San Francisco Giants vs Los Angeles Dodgers 2020: San Francisco Giants vs Los Angeles Dodgers Derek O'Hara and Tom Darin, Senior Director of Broadcast Engineering, were the project managers for the renovation. In addition to L-Acoustics providing the loudspeaker system, two other companies worked on the brand-new professional sound system install. Pro Media Audio & Video provided design and build services on the project, and Idibri served as a design consultant.

O'Hara met Dan Palmer, L-Acoustics Business Development Manager for Sports Facilities in the U.S., and Canada when he started research on the stadium's new sound system.

Speaking about L-Acoustics, O'Hara stated, "No matter who I asked, I never heard criticism of their products' quality."

For the install, L-Acoustics K2 loudspeaker systems are mounted on two 100-foot poles in the center field at Dodger Stadium, and A Series A15i and X8 speakers cover the new Centerfield Plaza and existing Outfield Pavilion areas.

To learn more about the sound system upgrade and the Dodger Stadium renovations, read the article in VenuesNow magazine.

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