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A Update on Operations for our L-Acoustics Family

June 2020

Dear L-Acoustics Family,

We hope this message finds you in good health and spirits.

The current state of our industry remains concerning. We, as well as our clients, suppliers and audio professionals, continue to face a deep crisis following the economic devastation caused by COVID-19.

The road to full recovery may be long and we do not underestimate the lasting impact this crisis will have on live entertainment, nor the difficult decisions that may lie ahead for us. However, we remain steady in our mission to elevate the listener experience and are encouraged to see some economies starting to reopen safely as well as several exciting projects coming to fruition.

As far as our operations are concerned, here are the next steps of our recovery plan:

  • We have officially lifted our global travel suspension.
  • Safety protocols have been put in place that will allow our Sales and Application teams, in accordance with local safety and travel regulations, to visit clients, on-site projects, conduct demonstrations while protecting their health and everyone else involved.
  • Our full workforce will progressively return to work on-site between now and June 30th. Our offices worldwide have been equipped with new procedures and strict respect of social distancing will be enforced.
  • We are planning to leverage the lessons learned during the crisis to continue work-from-home policies adapted to each occupation and team environment.
  • We expect to resume on-site training in the coming weeks depending on local guidance regarding public gatherings.
  • We have completed 36 webinars and delivered 45 hours of content to close to 14,000 unique visitors. We thank you for your support and are actively working on the next phase of this exciting program that brought us together when we needed it most.

We stand united with you through these challenging times. After the silence... together, we will raise the roof!


The L-Acoustics Team

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