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Environmentally Friendly Product Development

Since its founding in 1984, L-Acoustics has created products with exceptional life and use cycles (20 years and more), with a philosophy of development that resists fads and frequent range renewals.

  • 30,000 MTD systems in service since 1987
  • 8,000 V-DOSC systems in service since 1992
  • 10,000 ARCS systems in service since 1995
  • 12,000 dV-DOSC systems in service since 1998

As early as 1992, L-Acoustics began promoting ‘‘Less is More’’ and anticipated the green economy wave by introducing the line source WST technology that would revolutionize the pro audio industry. With the introduction of the internationally patented V-DOSC – the first modern line source array and “laser” of the acoustics field – L-Acoustics pioneered the path for modern and ecological sound system solutions.

In the years following V-DOSC’s debut, the “walls of sound” that were commonplace to concerts before the 90's have almost disappeared thanks to the fact that most manufacturers have now adopted the line array paradigm created by L-Acoustics. In addition to designing forward-thinking loudspeaker enclosures, L-Acoustics today also develops and deploys modern amplification technologies for highly efficient power supply and sophisticated system control.

This environmental commitment in the design of our products stems from a set of values and ethics that are clearly visible throughout all areas and levels of the company:

  • Recycling
  • Manufacturing, storage and subcontracting
  • Transport and product packaging
  • Social actions

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