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Environmental Charter2021-01-13T10:42:17+00:00

Environmental Charter

Innovation and sustainable performance

Since 1984, L-Acoustics has joined innovation with efficiency and reliability - a philosophy that resists fads and trends, making it an environmentally conscious company by nature.

V-DOSC was the first loudspeaker system based on L-Acoustics’ Wavefront Sculpture Technology®. Manufactured for over 22 years and still used today, it pioneered the path for modern and ecological sound system solutions. It created a better musical experience with reduced noise pollution by focusing acoustic energy on the audience with laser-like accuracy. Less material was needed to achieve superior acoustic performance, which substantially decreased the weight and size of systems for packaging, transportation, and setup.

Following the introduction of V-DOSC, L-Acoustics introduced the first modern line array in 1992. The "wall of sound" configurations, status quo for concerts at the time, disappeared as manufacturers adopted the new line array technology as the industry standard.

For over 30 years, L-Acoustics has continued to develop new innovative areas of expertise while creating efficient and environmentally friendly products.

Quality product lifespan

L-Acoustics speakers and amplifiers are innovative, qualitative, robust, and reliable. They can reach an impressive lifespan of over 15 years with regular use and maintenance, diminishing the need for disposal.

Recycling and caring for the environment

L-Acoustics promotes sustainable sourcing, energy savings and implements a firm recycling policy at every part of its organization
and industrial processes, both internally and externally.

Future forward

At L-Acoustics, we build innovative products that enrich people's lives through acoustical sound art. We also maintain environmental consciousness through recycling opportunities and program initiatives to minimize our environmental impact, all while increasing product performance. We build the future of sound, and thus do everything we can to prolong the planet's life cycle, just as we do with our loudspeakers and amplifiers for our customers.

Download our complete environmental charter

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