272 l-acoustics enclosures for The 75th anniversary of shakhtar fc
272 l-acoustics enclosures for The 75th anniversary of shakhtar fc
News | 272 L-ACOUSTICS Enclosures For The 75th Anniversary Of Shakhtar FC

Shakhtar Donetsk Celebrates

Mike Clark reports from Donetsk, Ukraine on a show to mark the 75th anniversary of local sporting legends,Shakhtar FC . . .

Ukraine - Supported from a technical point of view by tech directors Marco Astarita and Matteo Tagliabue, K-Events/ Filmmaster Group president Marco Balich recently created and produced a huge show for the 75th anniversary of Shakhtar FC, just two years after organising the inauguration ceremony for its home ground, the Donbass Arena in Donetsk.  Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich welcomed the 51,000 spectators to the event, a multimedia combination of the past, present and future of Shakhtar and its home town, featuring the club’s mascot (a mole) “playing” a huge spiral keyboard projected onto the pitch, a gigantic birthday cake, an enormous inflatable soccer player, mass choreography with 700 performers and - as a finale - a show by R&B diva, Rihanna.

The technical production team coordinated by Astarita included LD Durham Marenghi, audio designer and director Daniele Tramontani, France’s Cosmo AV and ETC (providing the video content and largeformat projection system respectively) and Italy’s Parenti Fireworks.  The main contractors were all Italian: Agorà (audio, lighting and rigging),Gioforma (stage design) and Limelite (stage and props). Marenghi, Tramontani and Agorà had previously worked together on another memorable K-Events/Filmmaster production - the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics.

Tramontani designed an impressive 360° main L-Acoustics rig (eight clusters of V-DOSC and dV-DOSC and four of Kudo enclosures) flown from the roof, integrated with a series of pitch-side stacks covering the front rows of the first level of seats and eight SB28 subs in each corner of the pitch: a total of 272 enclosures.

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Issue August - September 2011

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