The salle pleyel totally refurbishedThe salle pleyel totally refurbished

Designed by the architect Gustave Lion in 1926, the Salle Pleyel is extremely well known and is certainly one of the most pleasant and most appreciated live venues in Paris. From the Paris Orchestra to Louis Armstrong, Ravi Shankar and Sviatoslav Richter, some historically famous artists have performed or will perform at the venue.

A major architectural and acoustic renovation program was implemented in 2004 and completed in 2006, and this prestigious concert venue – inaugurated on September 13th – can now present all of the modern characteristics that are expected from an auditorium of such quality and prestige.

Many changes were brought in to improve the acoustics for the 1913 seated audience, among which the whole revision of the sound system. The installer Tech-Audio was chosen and Yvan Bouallo was in charge of the sound project. Yvan comments “considering the objective of versatility of the Salle Pleyel, we have dedicated our time and energy to offer the most adapted system while respecting the new aesthetic and geometrical constraints. A dV-DOSC and KUDO system was selected for the FOH and complemented with 115XT and 115XT HiQ, compact coaxial speakers, as wedges and front-fills”. For Sebastien Moreau, the sound engineer at the Salle Pleyel, this new configuration fulfils his dreams: “I am used to using L-ACOUSTICS sound systems, and I’m extremely happy to be responsible for its exposure in such a prestigious place”.

After the architect FCA (François Ceria Achitectes) defined the whole project, acousticians from Artec Consultants (New York) worked in collaboration with Scene (Paris) to determine the specifications. Then, the installer Tech Audio worked hand in hand with L ACOUSTICS in order to present the most adapted sound design. Sebastien Moreau concludes: “owing to the L-ACOUSTICS Soundvision simulation software, we dramatically reduced the on site installation time and optimized the sound spatialization in advance of the system delivery”.