dubai heritage vision opens in dubai land Theme park

The Dubai Heritage Vision is the first show in the Middle East to open within the theme park project known as Dubai Land. Located in the Nad Al Sheba desert, the authentic desert village oasis will exhibit the culture, handicrafts and arts of the region. The Dubai Heritage Vision is an outdoor theatrical sound and light show, for a 2500 people capacity audience and tells the regions’ history.

The concept was designed by Pierre Marcou, the president and artistic director of Dubai-based company Prisme International LLC. Pierre Marcou asked Christophe Arles to design a complex L-ACOUSTICS sound system for the show. The resulting configuration was utilizing KUDO left and right hangs, and a centre cluster of dV-DOSC cabinets and was completed with SB218 and dV-SUB subwoofers. In addition and to offer maximum listening pleasure for the first rows, Christophe added L-ACOUSTICS 8” compact coaxial speakers for the front fills. Last but not the least, special attention was given to the surround effect and both dV-DOSC and 115XT were added at the rear of the audience.

The complete sound equipment was provided by Venuetech, the new L ACOUSTICS Distributor for the UAE. Once the installation was finalized, Certified V-DOSC Engineer Andy Jackson optimized the system. Simon Ransom, technical director of the Dubai Heritage Vision explains: “this is the project of the decade here and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to bring in the latest technology available, whatever the field is. The choice of L-ACOUSTICS became obvious considering the coherency and intelligibility of their systems, even in outdoor conditions, and having the KUDO as a main system was an excellent decision thanks to its precision and high quality performance”.