pop-only venue to open in seoul

Opened on June 2nd, Seoul-AX is the first mid-sized pop/rock venue in the country. Located in Gwangjang-dong in Eastern Seoul, it opened with an array of concerts by K pop stars and a permanently installed L-ACOUSTICS® KUDO™ system, provided by Korean L-ACOUSTICS Distributor Dream Sound Co., based in Seoul.

As the larger existing Seoul Arts Center and Sejong Center for the Performing Arts are mostly reserved for top superstars, the creation of a mid-sized venue in Korea now offers other artists the chance to perform in a less challenging environment instead of the sport arenas or stadiums, which seldom provide ideal acoustics for musical performances.

Moreover the Seoul-Ax affords a significant improvement in sound quality and visibility for the audience and can accommodate a standing audience of 2,000 people.

The Seoul-AX has been designed on the Shibuya-AX model (a live music concert hall located in the Tokyo’s ultra-hip Shibuya district). The Seoul-Ax’s sound system consists of 20 L-ACOUSTICS KUDO as the FOH system, and includes 4 ARCS speakers as side fills and 16 115XT HiQ and 8 MTD112b stage monitors, with 8 SB218 and 4 SB118 subwoofers, all powered by L-ACOUSTICS amplifiers.

To open the venue on June 2nd, the first concerts were performed by teen-heartthrob pop star “Se7en” (Seven) who heated up the stage for three nights. The opening celebrations ended on July 29th with a performance by N.EX.T, a charismatic six-man rock band led by Shin Hae-chul.